Famous Vietnamese restaurant in Prada – Czech – Top 3 of the best restaurants in Czech – This is Gao Den Restaurant.

Gao Den Restaurant was built and opened in May, 2014 by Mr Khanh and Mr Giang.

In March, 2014, Mr. Khanh came back to Viet Nam and learned the cookery course at Netspace Culinary Arts School. Mr. Nguyen Quoc Y – Principal of Netspace School, guided Mr. Khanh about famous traditional Vietnamese foods such as: Vietnamese beef noodle soup (Pho), Vietnamese bread (Banh mi), Spicy beef noodle soup, Vietnamese Grilled Pork & Rice Noodles (Bun thit nuong), Spring rolls, Vietnamese fresh spring rolls (Cha gio),…

Mr.Khanh was born and grow up in Czech. When he came back to Vietnam, he met Mr.Y. He had passion about traditional Vietnamese foods. Then he participated in learning the cooking course about three weeks at Netspace School.

Turning back to Czech, he together with Mr. Giang (his brother) and his parents opened restaurant about Vietnamese foods in Prada, Czech.

Mr.Khanh is the chef of restaurant while Mr.Giang is the manager of restaurant. They have helped Gao Den Restaurant become a famous restaurant in Czech.

On their parents’ trip to Vietnam in the end of June, 2016, they showed that they are very proud of their two children when talking with Mr. Y.

When you come to Czech, you should go to Gao Den Restaurant and enjoy traditional Vietnamese foods of chef Khanh.


Mr Khanh learned cookery at Netspace school under instruction of Mr Y


Mr. Khanh & Mr. Giang are praised and appeared in many Czechoslovakia magazines


Chef Khanh at Gao Den Restaurant



Gao Den Restaurant is always crowded with customers


The most favorite dishes at Gao Den Restaurant

Information of Gao Den Restaurant:

  • Website: gaoden.cz
  • Facebook: Gao Den
  • Email: info@gaoden.cz
  • Address: Rezidence Prague Towers

                         Tlumačovská 2766/26a

                         Praha 5 – Stodůlky

                         155 00


Gao Den – Famous Vietnamese Restaurant In Czech

Famous Vietnamese restaurant in Prada – Czech – Top 3 of the best restaurants in Czech – This is Gao Den Restaurant.
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