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Vietnamese Bread (Banh Mi)


 Features of “vietnamese bread (banh mi) recipe” course:

  • With this course, participants will not only learn the recipe of making Vietnamese Bread (Banh Mi) in a perfect way but also set up many different Vietnamese Bread (Banh Mi) business models. Moreover, they can also easily carry out the chain of fast-food business model.
  • Participants absolutely can set up Vietnamese Bread (Banh Mi) Shops by themselves for their own business from small scale to large scale, or a chain of Vietnamese Bread (Banh Mi) stores.
  • Lecturers are top professionals who will take their responsibility in teaching each different step for making a perfect Vietnamese Bread (Banh Mi).


Different completed versions of Vietnamese Bread (Banh Mi)

Program framework for “Vietnamese bread (banh mi)” class:

No Training Session
1 Method for making Vietnamese Bread (Banh Mi) (select, mix, knead, store dough and bake Vietnamese Bread (Banh Mi) 3
2 How to make delicious Pâté and Mayonnaise 1

How to make fillings for Vietnamese Bread (Banh Mi)

  •    Roasted Pork
  •    Grilled Chicken
  •    Grilled Pork
  •    Grilled Beef
  •    Shredded Chicken
  •    Burger with beef/ chicken/ pork/ seafood
  •    Meat ball
  •    Pork roll
  •    Vietnamese pork sausage / fried pork-pie
  •    Jambon
  •    Pork floss / chicken floss
Up to each different filling

How to make delicious sauce for Vietnamese Bread (Banh Mi)

  •   Chinese Sauce
  •    Vietnamese Sauce
  •    Thailand Sauce
5 Learning business methods and how to manage Vietnamese Bread (Banh Mi) Shop and a chain of Vietnamese Bread (Banh Mi) Stores 1


  • Participant(s) is instructed how to make Vietnamese Bread (Banh Mi) under the mass production method, and preserve the fillings and Vietnamese sauce during business time
  • Participant (s) is also instructed the way to cost and control the fees


Lecturers of this class are top professionals who have extensive knowledge about Vietnamese Bread (Banh Mi), pâté, meat rolls and Vietnamese sauce


  • A certificate of completion with national validation: “Technique of making Vietnamese Bread (Banh Mi), Vietnamese Sauce” is issued by Netspace Culinary Arts School after students finish the course.
  • “Course of Culinary Arts – Banh Mi Thit (Vietnamese Bread)” Certificate which is issued in English by Netspace School of Culinary Arts is acceptable in international labor market.

Course fees & schedule:

  • Please contact: (08) 6291 2698‎ – 0987 937 938 – 0947 333 488
  • The course is featured with the key of “One to one” and ingredient expenses are included.
  • Time: one session (depending on student’s schedule)


Chef Jack Lee teaches how to make Vietnamese Beef Bread at Netspace School


Vietnamese Beef Bread of Chef Jack Lee – “the dish of a Hollywood Star”


How to mix dough and check the ductility of dough at Netspace School

hoc-lam-banh-mi-thit (1)

Mr. Tran Duc (Gia Lai Province) learns how to make Vietnamese Bread (Banh Mi) with Mr. Tien Pham (on the left)

lam-banh-mi-thit (1)

Mr. Le Hong Giang – Pastry Chef of Intercontinetal Restaurant at Netspace


All ingredients for making Vietnamese Bread (Banh Mi) at Netspace School


An Indonesian learner is studying how to complete a loaf of Vietnamese Bread


Participants study Vietnamese Bread (Banh Mi) Recipe to set up for their business in the US 


An American learner


Ms. Ha – from the US – a learner of the course


Lecturers and participants of Course of Culinary Arts – Banh Mi Thit (Vietnamese Bread) at Netspace School

General information about the course:

Headquarter: Netspace School of Culinary Arts

Add: 30 Nguyen Huy Tu, Dakao Ward, Dist 1, HCM City

Tel: (08).6291.2698‎

Hotline: 0987.937.938 – 0947.333.488 – 09.8333.8333

Email: tuyensinh@netspace.edu.vn

Website: www.netspace.edu.vn

Branch in HCM City:

Add: 19 Dang Tat, Tan Dinh Ward, Dist 1, HCM City

Tel: (08).6291.2698‎