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Coffee roasting recipe

Coffee roasting recipes

The course of coffee roasting recipe is a course that Netspace Culinary Arts School helps the students create taste as well as the quality of the beans.

Students will be learned how to produce and product about 40kg of 3 strong coffee such as : raw coffee, coffee machines with high quality beans, standard equipment and know-how in the profession.


1. Time course:

Three practical sessions. The learners will be supported when open business

Learners choose one of two shifts or select 1 in 3 sessions.

2. Certificate of coffee roasting course:

  • Certificate “Professional coffee roasters” will be licensed by Netspace Culinary Arts School which values throughout Vietnam.
  • Certificate “Professional coffee roasters course” in English will be licensed by Netspace Culinary Arts School which accepts International labor market.

3. Course fees: 15.000.000 VNĐ/course

The course fees include the cost of ingredients for producing and processing 40 kg of high quality coffee beans.

This course is one-to-one teaching.

4. Content of coffee roasters course:

Session 1: Knowledge cafe
– Basic knowledge about coffee.
– The history of coffee in the world & Vietnamese coffee.
– Characteristics of popular coffee.

– Production process of coffee roasting.

– How to preserve products of coffee

– Food additives and ingredients

– The ingredients use in processing coffee such as: Robusta, Arabica, Culi Robusta.

– Each taste of coffee: bitter, strong, sour…

– The teacher will teach learners go to market and buy the machinery, equipment, ingredients, additives…

Session 2: Practice with coffee roasting, natural coffee, coffee machines

– The students will be guided coffee roasters: three types Vietnamese coffee, natural coffee, coffee machines.

– The method and the ratio of mixing different flavors support to increase the flavors and create characteristic.

– Practice of whole process such as: roast, season, blend, package from raw coffees and ingredients. Learners will be learned about recipes and many different prices.

Session 3: Practice

– How to make caramen, ingredients of coffee.

– Learners will practice to roast, season, blend, package from raw coffee and ingredients

– How to mix ingredients of coffees.

– How to package and maintain products of coffee.

– How to make filter coffee, Vietnamese coffee, milk coffee, coffee machine…

– In addition, learners will be guided to do business, buy equipment, machine….




Coffee Equipments 



Filter brewing grind coffee ( ca phe phin) and Vietnamese coffee


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