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“Cooking” evaluating examination according to Australian standard


 In the morning of May 17th, 2016, Creative Consultation and Education Ltd. Co. associated with Culinary Solutions Australia to organize the “Cooking” Evaluating Examination according to Australia Standard”. The exam took place in Netspace Culinary Arts School with the presence of 10 students and 3 judges:

  • Huyen (Representative of Creative Consultation and Education Ltd. Co.)
  • Stephen Tryon (Representative of Culinary Solutions Australia Co.)
  • Quan (A guest – Director of Transaction Office at BIDV – Nguyen Hue Branch)

The quality of life is increasingly rising in recent years, which creates many employment opportunities for people in “Cooking” job. Australia is considered as the country with a diversified abundant cuisine and it also inherited the quintessence of culinary culture from European Countries. Since then, Australian created a distinctive cuisine for themselves with a modern charming personal style. Therefore, this country has become one of the attractive destinations for both chefs and “cooking lovers” who desire to work and settle in Australia.

Participants of this exam are experienced chefs and experienced chef assistants. Also, they are trained necessary skills at Netspace School within 10 sessions (over 2 months).

After passing this exam, participants will be conferred the Certificate with level III, level IV, or  “Cooking” vocational college certificate that are approved by the Australian Education Department and the Australian Immigration Department. With these diplomas, students will not only have a chance to work in Australia with high income level but also have a chance to settle in Australia with the 402 Visa.

Before taking part in the exam, they have to prepare ingredients with the support of Mr. Nguyen Van Thai, Netspace’s staff and Creative’s staff.


10 students will be divided into 5 small groups to cook dishes: seafood fried rice (com chien hai san), hot pot of hot sour seafood (lau hai san chua cay), steamed snakehead fish with gourd (ca loc hap bau), sweet and sour pork ribs (suon xao chua ngot),… During the process of preparation and exam, the judges will follow them to observe their skills and cooking processes as well as taste participants’ dishes.


Ms. Quan said that she had opportunity to observe the exam process from the beginning, participants prepared for this exam carefully, planed the menu and bought ingredients from the day before the exam’s day.




After students receive the diploma, Creative will guide them how to make their Visa, how to complete the necessary procedures for their working and settling in Australia in the near future. Wishing all of you successful and lucky with “Cooking” Job!