Leaners of Netspace Culinary Arts School exchanged with Ms. Christine Ha – American Master Chef 2012
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Origin of mooncakes

Culinary exchange with Chef Jack Lee – Culinary Representative of Netpace School


 On June 29th, 2016 many students coming from different classes such as: Course of Professional Japanese Culinary Arts, Course of Professional Vietnamese Culinary Arts, Bartender and Barista Course, Course of Pastry Arts, … had a chance to interact and to learn famous food recipes of Chef Jack Lee – a famous Vietnamese – American Chef as well as a Culinary Representative of Netspace Culinary Arts School.

Chef Jack Lee is a famous Vietnamese – American Chef and also a Culinary Representative of Netspace Culinary Arts School. He specializes in cooking for many Hollywood Stars and billionaires around the world. Besides, he was the judge of “hot” culinary game shows such as: “Chuan Com Me Nau”, “Food of Stars”, “Culinary Paradise”,… Certainly, it will be a great opportunity for students at Netspace School to exchange and study famous food recipes of Chef Jack Lee.

When turning back Netspace School this time, he not only would like to say thanks to Mr. Nguyen Quoc Y – Principal of Netspace Culinary Arts School, but also share his culinary experience for hundreds of students at two places: Da Kao Branch and Dang Tat Branch.

“Mr. Nguyen Quoc Y, I’d like to thank you very much for all the cooperation and the support for culinary development at Netspace School during that time. Honestly, Netspace Culinary Arts School is a professional cooking training school where hundreds of good chefs, baristas and bakers are trained successfully with good skills. For students, don’t let this opportunity slip away and try to pursue your cooking passion. I believe that you will be trained in a professional way and then be successful with your cookery in the future after taking courses at Netspace School,” said Chef Jack Lee.

In the coming time, Chef Jack Lee and Mr. Nguyen Quoc Y are going to launch many programs in research and application of cooking techniques to develop culinary careers at the school.


Mr. Nguyen Quoc Y – Principal of Netspace Culinary Arts School and Chef Jack Lee – professional and famous chef in the world, always cooperate to offer professional cooking training programs for students


Chef Jack Lee and learners at cutting and trimming class


Chef Jack Lee said to students that trimming for décor is one of the most important elements attracting more customers


He said to learners at the Course of Professional Japanese Culinary Arts that Japanese Cuisine is popular food trend of not only Vietnamese but also international friends…


… and students should be determined to pursue their cooking passion so that they can work in big restaurants and live in a foreign country


He also appreciates the professional environment of bartending and barista training at Netspace Culinary Arts School. When learners attend the bartender and barista course, it’s certain that they will become the professional ones in the future


“Netspace is a potential training environment for learners”, he emphasized


“…to become a top chef, your passion and high discipline are two essential elements.”


Besides, he also interact with students of Pastry Arts Course


“Practicing of baking skills along with modern facilities in Netspace help young people to start a business successfully,” said Chef Jack Lee