From May 4th to May 5th, 2016, the Ministry of agriculture forestry and fisheries (MAFF) in Japan held a workshop at Netspace Culinary Arts School. The workshop attracted 60 students of Netspace with topic: “ Taste of Japan” in the culinary exchanges of Japanese cuisine in Ho Chi Minh city. The workshop introduced about ingredients, Japanese foods and Japan cuisine in four season of Japan.


Attending the workshop, the participants were invited and learned how to make Japanese foods by Chef KIMIO NONAGA. He is a chef who served for the Japanese Emperor. And he was selected one of five best Japanese chefs. At the workshop, he cooked and decorated the foods from Japan.

taste-of-japanese02 To promote the Japanese cuisine, Chef KIMIO NONAGA guided to use many kinds of knives and cut fillet fishes. Besides, he guided to discriminate between large knives and small knives or between long knives and short knives, how to hold a knife and cut fishes…The purpose was guided to fillet tuna.


Chef KIMIO NONAGA introduced the sweetness of Umami. Umami is one of the five basic tastes along with sweet, sour, bitter and salty Japanese main ingredients for making soups. Two ingredients included shavings of dried tuna cooked with seaweed and created an “extremely perfect”  soup with sweet Umami.



The participants was excited when KIMIO NONAGA cooked five foods such as Sashimi Japanese amberjack, stewed Japanese amberjack sauce, Japanese amberjack sandwiches, scallop cold soup, Japanese amberjack bread, fried fish…