Hanoi Kebab Rice Noodle (bun cha) is one of the famous and popular dishes in Hanoi, Vietnam. However, it is very difficult to find down a good shop with the typical taste of Hanoi Kebab Rice Noodle (bun cha). Therefore, for people who want to use Hanoi Kebab Rice Noodle (bun cha) for their own business, they have to own the private secret of making this dish with the charming and unique taste.

 Features of “cooking Hanoi Kebab rice noodle (Bun cha)” class:

  • Student(s) will learn the secret to cook successfully Hanoi Kebab Rice Noodle (bun cha)
  • Lecturer is Mr. Nguyen Quoc Y – Principal of Netspace School of Culinary Arts – Master Chef of Vietnamese traditional foods
  • After finishing this course, student(s) absolutely can use Hanoi Kebab Rice Noodle (bun cha) for their own shops.


Method and schedule:

  • Student(s) will have chance to learn the process: going to market – selecting ingredients – processing ingredients
  • Time: Only one session

Program framework:

  • How to choose bacon, Canadian pork (thit nac lung), vegetables, spices
  • How to process and store ingredients
  • How to measure ingredients, marinate with spices
  • How to organize cooking stove, roast; procedure of roast and making fish sauce
  • How to preserve foods and Vietnamese sausage (cha) ( heat, taste and flavor during business period)
  • How to sell and serve customers in large amount at the same time
  • How to prepare ingredients: lemon, chili, vegetables and how to decorate a completed dish
  • Method for costing and controlling price with lowest capital to achieve the highest efficiency for each business model.




“Cooking Hanoi Kebab Rice Noodle (bun cha)” Certificate is issued by Netspace School of Culinary Arts with national value

Course fees:

  • Please contact: (08) 6291 2698‎ – 0987 937 938 – 0947 333 488
  • The course is featured with the key of “One to one” and ingredient expenses are included.
  • Time: one session (depending on student’s schedule)

General information about the course:

Headquarter: Netspace School of Culinary Arts

Branch in HCM City:

  • Add: 19 Dang Tat, Tan Dinh Ward, Dist 1, HCM City
  • Tel: (08).6291.2698‎