Banh beo – Water Fern Cake
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Vietnamese Square Cake (Banh Chung)

Workshop: “ Learn about Japanese cuisine with Kikkoman”

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On February 27th,  Netspace Culinary arts school combined with Kikkoman brand. The workshop was: “ Learn about Japanese cuisine with Kikkoman”. The workshop was guided by the young chef at Netspace. Through the workshop, students had opportunities learn Japanese cuisine.


In Japanese cuisine, Kikkoman soya sauce is an important material which is proud to be the most popular in Japan.

Kikkoman soya sauce is made with five tastes: salty, sweet, sour, bitter, umani. The secret quality of Kikkoman from natural materials and traditional production.

Kikkoman Soya sauce is made from four materials such as soy, wheat, water and salt. It brewed and fermented for 6 months so the sauce has the same characteristic red-brown flavor of Japanese tradition. When you taste Kikkoman, you will feel more than 300 different flavors.

Kikkoman soya sauce is used to taste, marinate, grill, steam Sashimi & sushi. Kikkoman   is brought satisfaction to customers over the world.



In the workshop, the participants learned about Japanese foods such as: Sukiyaki hot pot and rice bowl Katsudon with the guidance of Mr. Dang Tran Quang – Chef restaurant Taishow.


In addition, the participants had gift from Kikkoman and a voucher worth 1.000.000 VNĐ of Netspace

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Mr. Dang Tran Quang’s foods